NEWS: i-CAT Puts Clinicians In Control With Quick Scan

i-CAT Puts Clinicians In Control With Quick Scan

i-CAT low dose cone beam ct scanImaging Sciences International is pleased to offer Quick Scan, the lowest available dose 3D scan of the full dentition. Quick Scan is one of many proprietary tools that allow general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other specialists to maximize the clinical information they need while maintaining the ability to control radiation exposure to the patient.

Orthodontist Dr. Juan Carlos-Quintero notes, “The capacity for control of the radiation exposure, and in particular, Quick Scan, was a primary reason for my choosing the i-CAT. Being able to have this ability is better for my patients.” This highly useful proprietary tool is one in a long list of features that sets i-CAT apart from other imaging products.

Read the full announcement by clicking here.

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