A Party that Truly Inspir3D!

i-CAT Precise: Implant / Restoration CBCT Imaging Launch Party

The i-CAT team sure knows how to welcome a new member to the family! The launch party for i-CAT® Precise™ at Cuba Libre kept everyone’s feet moving to the Latin beat! Our 85 guests were treated to the music of Brazil—dancers pranced, danced, and “ay, ay, ayed,” their way through the crowd with costumes adorned with royal blue and teal feathers and beads (matching the i-CAT Precise logo!). The dancers inspired the crowd with mamba, samba, and salsa rhythms, enticing our doctors and Team i-CAT to get up on the dance floor and get in step! After getting a taste of Brazilian dancing, guests had complementary cocktails and experienced the delicious Latin flavors of ceviche, plantains, cheese, and olive platters and a dinner of salad and paella.

Doctors were invited to leave their business cards to win a free kindle at our booth (#536) at AAOMS, where the i-CAT Precise and demo of new implant and restoration software will get them “inspir3D” in a different way. The party, which was supposed to run from 5:30 to 8:30, finally slowed down at 9:30. If the restaurant didn’t close at 10:00, we still might have been there the next morning! Comment heard from the crowd: “Those i-CAT people sure know how to throw a party!” The event was everything we expected and more—flowing with fun, food, and great conversations, an exciting way to launch an exciting new product.

Até a próxima vez! (That’s “until next time” in Portuguese!)

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