When Two Technologies Unite

3D Dental Imaging - 5th International Congress - Dr Michael WingWhen creating beautiful smiles, dentists are always looking for the perfect fit—and 3D imaging is a great way to help achieve that goal when placing implants. Dentists with “that added dimension” have a more complete understanding of the dental anatomy, and avoid stressful and unnecessary surprises that can interfere with implant success. Now, technology and teamwork between CBCT and CAD/CAM makes implants an even smoother experience.

CAD/CAM can be utilized in many ways, from digital impression scanning to milling of surgical guides and restorations. Blending the information from the 3D scans with CAD/CAM can make the implant planning process quicker and more comprehensive. Integrating information from i-CAT with E4D Compass Software helps dentists to design the ideal restorative plan and for ideal implant positioning.

Cone Beam educationDr. Michael Wing, speaker at the 5th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging, tells of his success with 3D and CAD/CAM. “I can do a guided implant placement, place am abutment, mill the crown, and actually place the crown in the same day. 3D is such a predictable treatment planning situation. You can predict what kind of abutment you are going to use, and be able to carry the case forward with CAD/CAM after you place the implant.” His session, entitled, “Cone Beam and CAD/CAM for the General Dentist,” illustrates how to make the most of 3D data, resulting in a safer and more precise implant experience.

At the Congress, Dr. Wing will be joined by many other experienced speakers who have hands-on experience with 3D imaging. Network with colleagues from all over the world and learn more about the latest techniques, related software and products from leading technology experts.

Check out this and other lecture topics by clicking here.  

But DON’T WAIT, the Congress is in just 10 days!

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