Secrets Unlocked

 It is fascinating to be a dentist in this age of technology. As you will see in one of our previously recorded webinars, CBCT broadens practitioners’ horizons, allowing for faster, safer, less invasive, and more understandable procedures. Having new technology touches a dental office in many ways, mostly in the operatory, but also in the front office. While the doctor and the patient seem to get all of the satisfaction of the 3D experience, what about the team members at the front who are figuring out how to file claims for insurance and payments?  Discovering how to navigate this potential “adventure” is the focus of the session, “Successful Reimbursement Strategies When Billing for CBCT,” given by Dr. Steven Sudbrink and Kimberly Innocent.Successful Reimbursement Strategies When Billing for CBCT - Kimberly Innocent

Innocent has been the administrator of operations and staffing at Sudbrink Oral Surgery Associates, PC, for seven years and is vice president and operational advisor for Practice Concepts, LLC. She is also a certified professional coder (CPC) through the American Academy of Professional Coders. She and Dr. Sudbrink will discuss how to manage necessary calls and verify the requirements for a seamless reimbursement process. For example, understanding description codes and making sure documentation supports the scan’s medical necessity are key determining factors for insurance companies deciding on reimbursement. Without including those, the insurance companies are left to read the doctor’s mind, and those psychic messages don’t always connect efficiently.

Successful Reimbursement Strategies When Billing for CBCT - Dr. Steven SudbrinkAdding i-CAT cone beam 3D technology to an existing insurance contract can take 5 minutes, with the right information at hand. An office shouldn’t need to call James Bond to break the insurance company code. No secret agents, or special tools are needed for this adventure—be prepared to learn the facts, and the strategies to become a hero to your billing team at this eye-opening session!

To view the previously recorded webinar, visit the Training Page.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for posting “Billing for CBCT: Cone Beam 3D
    Technology – Insurance / Coding | Imaging Sciences”.
    I actuallymay absolutely be back again for more browsing and writing comments shortly.

    Thank you, Demetria

  2. Team i-CAT says:

    I think this webinar might be helpful:

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