If they search, will they find you?

A skilled dentist with great technology can hope that patients will spread the word to family and friends. But, so many more people can benefit, it they only knew the possibilities for their dental care. In this era of Internet and electronic communications, some proud i-CAT owners are spreading the exciting news of their innovative 3D imaging systems through different forms of media. An implant dentist from the Chicago loop area sent out a press release to announce that he is one of the few select dental practices within Chicago to have an i-CAT that helps him to “dramatically enhance the level of care offered to patients.”

dental 3D imaging systems search

Oral Surgeon, Dr. Steven Koos, owner of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio explained his reasons for investing in i-CAT. “For one, it allows us to more thoroughly analyze a patient’s anatomy to determine the best course of treatment. The technology also affords us the opportunity to visually show a patient what we see and more easily explain treatment. This increases confidence levels in patients and makes them feel more comfortable with their treatment.” Dr. Koos also is proud of the fact that he operates a “green oral surgery practice, promoting eco-friendly dentistry,” and i-CAT fits right into that niche, as well. He explains, “As a Chicago oral surgery practice focused on environmental responsibility that spans all aspects of how we operate our practice, the fact that the i-CAT scanner is digital, forgoing toxic x-ray chemicals and film manufacturing and emits dramatically lower radiation compared to other CT scanners was of supreme importance to us.” See Dr. Koos’ press release.

At i-CAT, we are honored to be able to help Dr. Koos and his team to accomplish his clinical and environmental goals and be an integral part of his marketing efforts. Dentists who utilize i-CAT technology should spread the good news through social media, blogs, press releases and websites. Potential patients want to know about technology that can provide better diagnostics and treatment planning. The next time someone does an Internet search searching for a dentist with the latest in 3D CBCT imaging, take the steps so that the practice that they discover is yours. See you on the web!

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