AWARDS: Another Accolade for i-CAT!

Here’s some good news for our Owners and the entire i-CAT Family—i-CAT® Precise™ with Tx STUDIO® has been voted “Best New Software” in the dental industry in the third annual DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards—a competition designed “to recognize the best and brightest in dentistry.” According to Dr. Bicuspid, “All candidates were nominated by members of, who then voted in two subsequent rounds to determine the winners.”

For both general dentists and specialists who place and restore implants and perform surgical procedures, the i-CAT Precise 3D + panoramic imaging solution offers confidence and efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. The exclusive Tx STUDIO treatment planning software is a valuable asset when placing and restoring implants; performing guided surgery and complex extractions; and treating endodontic cases, as well as facilitating patient education and treatment acceptance.

award winning 3d cone beam imagingThe honor by Dr. Bicuspid was announced while Team i-CAT was still reveling over winning the Townie Choice Award for the Best Cone Beam 3D scanner for the fifth year in a row! We know that all of our i-CAT-powered products give dentists the opportunity to offer more precise treatment planning and implementation, but it is always great to hear that dentists across the nation share our pride and commitment to individualized patient care. Thank you all for your support and validation.

Ashok Shah, general manager of , notes “This is an exciting time in the field of oral healthcare, and the DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards provide a wonderful opportunity for the dental community to acknowledge those individuals, products, services, and events that are contributing to many of the historical changes taking place.” Imaging Sciences is proud to receive this acknowledgement—and other accolades—for our achievements as we continue to release new advanced products into the i-CAT line.

For more information on i-CAT Precise featuring Tx STUDIO software, please click here.

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