NEWS: Advanced 3D Dental Treatments Made Possible By i-CAT® And New, Exclusive Tx STUDIO® Software

The feature-rich Tx STUDIO 3D planning software fully integrates with the Award-Winning i-CAT® cone beam 3D systems to provide highly effective diagnosis and treatment-planning capabilities.

i-CAT implant planning and orthodontic planning softwareImaging Sciences International is pleased to announce the release of Tx STUDIO, now fully integrated into i-CAT® Next Generation™ and i-CAT® Precise™ systems. This powerful software creates the opportunity for general dentists and specialists alike to take advantage of i-CAT’s award-winning 3D imaging with comprehensive treatment planning tools for implants, airway, TMD, orthodontics, and a myriad of surgical procedures. It is the only software to be bundled with a CBCT system that does everything from diagnostics to implant and orthodontic treatment planning.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Tx STUDIO delivers uniquely comprehensive tools covering treatments from Implants to Orthodontics. With its wide selection of treatment-planning features, Tx STUDIO is an excellent addition to i-CAT cone beam 3D systems which are known for their unparalleled clinical and dose control, as well as the industry’s fastest workflow.i-CAT treatment planning software

Click here to READ MORE about implant, abutment, and restoration planning, virtual TAD placement, 3D Cephalometric Analysis, face-MATCH photo-wrapping, virtual study models, airway analysis, TMJ visualization tools, Diagnostic Reports Tool, full 3D visualization, and video capture.

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AWARDS: Another Accolade for i-CAT!

Here’s some good news for our Owners and the entire i-CAT Family—i-CAT® Precise™ with Tx STUDIO® has been voted “Best New Software” in the dental industry in the third annual DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards—a competition designed “to recognize the best and brightest in dentistry.” According to Dr. Bicuspid, “All candidates were nominated by members of, who then voted in two subsequent rounds to determine the winners.”

For both general dentists and specialists who place and restore implants and perform surgical procedures, the i-CAT Precise 3D + panoramic imaging solution offers confidence and efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. The exclusive Tx STUDIO treatment planning software is a valuable asset when placing and restoring implants; performing guided surgery and complex extractions; and treating endodontic cases, as well as facilitating patient education and treatment acceptance.

award winning 3d cone beam imagingThe honor by Dr. Bicuspid was announced while Team i-CAT was still reveling over winning the Townie Choice Award for the Best Cone Beam 3D scanner for the fifth year in a row! We know that all of our i-CAT-powered products give dentists the opportunity to offer more precise treatment planning and implementation, but it is always great to hear that dentists across the nation share our pride and commitment to individualized patient care. Thank you all for your support and validation.

Ashok Shah, general manager of , notes “This is an exciting time in the field of oral healthcare, and the DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards provide a wonderful opportunity for the dental community to acknowledge those individuals, products, services, and events that are contributing to many of the historical changes taking place.” Imaging Sciences is proud to receive this acknowledgement—and other accolades—for our achievements as we continue to release new advanced products into the i-CAT line.

For more information on i-CAT Precise featuring Tx STUDIO software, please click here.

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If they search, will they find you?

A skilled dentist with great technology can hope that patients will spread the word to family and friends. But, so many more people can benefit, it they only knew the possibilities for their dental care. In this era of Internet and electronic communications, some proud i-CAT owners are spreading the exciting news of their innovative 3D imaging systems through different forms of media. An implant dentist from the Chicago loop area sent out a press release to announce that he is one of the few select dental practices within Chicago to have an i-CAT that helps him to “dramatically enhance the level of care offered to patients.”

dental 3D imaging systems search

Oral Surgeon, Dr. Steven Koos, owner of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio explained his reasons for investing in i-CAT. “For one, it allows us to more thoroughly analyze a patient’s anatomy to determine the best course of treatment. The technology also affords us the opportunity to visually show a patient what we see and more easily explain treatment. This increases confidence levels in patients and makes them feel more comfortable with their treatment.” Dr. Koos also is proud of the fact that he operates a “green oral surgery practice, promoting eco-friendly dentistry,” and i-CAT fits right into that niche, as well. He explains, “As a Chicago oral surgery practice focused on environmental responsibility that spans all aspects of how we operate our practice, the fact that the i-CAT scanner is digital, forgoing toxic x-ray chemicals and film manufacturing and emits dramatically lower radiation compared to other CT scanners was of supreme importance to us.” See Dr. Koos’ press release.

At i-CAT, we are honored to be able to help Dr. Koos and his team to accomplish his clinical and environmental goals and be an integral part of his marketing efforts. Dentists who utilize i-CAT technology should spread the good news through social media, blogs, press releases and websites. Potential patients want to know about technology that can provide better diagnostics and treatment planning. The next time someone does an Internet search searching for a dentist with the latest in 3D CBCT imaging, take the steps so that the practice that they discover is yours. See you on the web!

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NEWS: i-CAT Wins 2011 “Townie Choice Award” for Best Cone Beam Scanner

Best Cone Beam CT - Award WinnerThe Townie interactive healthcare community of  Dentaltown, has named Imaging Sciences’ i-CAT the winner in the “X-ray Equipment, Cone Beam Scanner” category for its 2011 Townie Choice Awards, making this the fifth consecutive year that this leading cone beam 3D system has received the honor.

The Townie Choice Awards are “determined by true dental professionals who are aided and served by the items in each category on a day-to-day basis,” according to Dentaltown. Peer evaluation is a valuable factor in determining products that have consistently shown effectiveness, predictability, and practice-building benefits.

“Customer loyalty plays an important part in our role as a leader in cone beam 3D dental imaging,” states Mark Hillebrandt, Director of Marketing for Imaging Sciences. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that our products are making a difference in dental offices throughout the nation.”best cone beam ct award i-CAT

This recognition follows numerous past accolades that i-CAT has garnered, including Pride Institute’s “Best of Class,” and multiple awards from Lorne Lavine’s Dental Equipment and Technology Guide.

The highly utilized i-CAT cone beam 3D technology is embodied in two powerful imaging solutions, the i-CAT® Next Generation with full and extended scan sizes ideal for orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implant and restorations, and i-CAT® Precise™ with scan sizes up to 8 cm in height well-suited for implants and oral surgery. Both systems feature the comprehensive treatment tools of the exclusive Tx STUDIO®, the fastest 3D workflow, and more clinical and dose control with i-Collimator’s adjustable scan size options and low-dose scan settings.

For more information on the benefits of i-CAT’s family of products, visit

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Breakthroughs in Dentistry

CBCT imagingEach day, research centers discover information that improves people’s quality of life. Robert S. Schoor, DDS, associate professor and director of the Advanced Education Program in Periodontics at New York University (NYU) wrote an article entitled, “The role of antibiotics in periodontal diseases” which challenged the traditional view of using antibiotics for periodontal conditions. While the article expressed concerns about increase in bacterial resistance, allergic reactions and drug interactions associated with prophylactic administration of antibiotics, it also reiterated that surgery with prophylactic antibiotic supplementation demonstrated therapeutic outcomes comparable to surgery without such coverage.

Studies such as these help dentists take a closer look at established protocols regarding diagnosis and treatment. Each in its own way allows the doctor to obtain more detailed information that makes healing faster and avoids possible complications.

The same is true for CBCT imaging. A scan before procedures such as implants, restorations, and oral and maxillofacial or TMJ surgery, can determine precise tooth position to view tooth location, proximity to adjacent teeth and vital structures, nerve and sinus involvement and other conditions that will effect treatment. In some cases, a 3D view can help dentists to avoid unnecessary surgeries, resulting in procedures with less tissue trauma and speedier healing.  In orthodontics, a high-definition, low-dose scan can be used not only for thorough diagnosis; it can be used to create a 3D cephalometric analysis and produce virtual study models for impressionless dentistry.

With all of the innovative studies going on at research centers, we are excited to know that i-CAT is capturing 3D scans at NYU, and leading to possible new breakthroughs in dentistry and less invasive procedures. Whether the focus is biological, regarding antibiotic therapies, or anatomical, such as new options for implants, knowledge and cutting-edge technology are the ingredients to improved dental health and patient care. We are proud to add that extra dimension to research, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Secrets Unlocked

 It is fascinating to be a dentist in this age of technology. As you will see in one of our previously recorded webinars, CBCT broadens practitioners’ horizons, allowing for faster, safer, less invasive, and more understandable procedures. Having new technology touches a dental office in many ways, mostly in the operatory, but also in the front office. While the doctor and the patient seem to get all of the satisfaction of the 3D experience, what about the team members at the front who are figuring out how to file claims for insurance and payments?  Discovering how to navigate this potential “adventure” is the focus of the session, “Successful Reimbursement Strategies When Billing for CBCT,” given by Dr. Steven Sudbrink and Kimberly Innocent.Successful Reimbursement Strategies When Billing for CBCT - Kimberly Innocent

Innocent has been the administrator of operations and staffing at Sudbrink Oral Surgery Associates, PC, for seven years and is vice president and operational advisor for Practice Concepts, LLC. She is also a certified professional coder (CPC) through the American Academy of Professional Coders. She and Dr. Sudbrink will discuss how to manage necessary calls and verify the requirements for a seamless reimbursement process. For example, understanding description codes and making sure documentation supports the scan’s medical necessity are key determining factors for insurance companies deciding on reimbursement. Without including those, the insurance companies are left to read the doctor’s mind, and those psychic messages don’t always connect efficiently.

Successful Reimbursement Strategies When Billing for CBCT - Dr. Steven SudbrinkAdding i-CAT cone beam 3D technology to an existing insurance contract can take 5 minutes, with the right information at hand. An office shouldn’t need to call James Bond to break the insurance company code. No secret agents, or special tools are needed for this adventure—be prepared to learn the facts, and the strategies to become a hero to your billing team at this eye-opening session!

To view the previously recorded webinar, visit the Training Page.

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Education Events: CBCT Technology and Dosimetry Podcasts

Smart technology has made the world “smarter”, creating global communities, better communication, and opportunities for experts to consult on topics from real estate to medical research.

Technology also has brought innovation to the dental office, with new and improved treatment options for better dental care. CBCT imaging has become an integral part of the innovative dental office. 3D imaging expands choices in implant placement, endodontic treatment, orthodontic planning, surgical procedures, airway and TMJ analysis, giving dentists more confidence in the process, and patients peace-of-mind that that their dentist was armed with all of the facts possible without a surgical view.

3D imaging brings a new level of communication to doctors and patients, with the scans speaking volumes that 2D images cannot. With all of the clinical advantages of CBCT in for the dental practice, dentists recognize and pay careful attention to exposing their patients to the least amount of radiation possible. i-CAT combines technological expertise with responsible radiation dose, with a variety of options for adjusting radiation exposure. The opportunity to narrow the area of the anatomy that is exposed through collimation, and customize each scan by adjusting resolution and scan times to suit the patient and the procedure give i-CAT doctors confidence that they are doing everything possible to meet their ALARA goals.

Dr. Sean Carlson has discussed this interesting topic on his free podcasts. To make some “smart” choices on new technology, click to hear what he has to say about CBCT technology, dosimetry, and data resolution, for a better understanding of the technical basics of dental radiation exposure.

CBCT Technology and Dosimetry Podcasts - Dr Sean CarlsonDr. Carlson will be a featured speaker at the 5th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging coming up November 4-5, 2011, in Dallas, Texas. His talk, one of many break-out sessions specifically targeted issues that affect orthodontic and implant-focused practices, will cover the topic, “Debunking the Myths of Cone Beam Imaging: Applying the Science in the Everyday Orthodontic Practice.”

To join Dr. Carlson and other leading industry speakers at this event, click here.

Event provides 16 CE credits!


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When Two Technologies Unite

3D Dental Imaging - 5th International Congress - Dr Michael WingWhen creating beautiful smiles, dentists are always looking for the perfect fit—and 3D imaging is a great way to help achieve that goal when placing implants. Dentists with “that added dimension” have a more complete understanding of the dental anatomy, and avoid stressful and unnecessary surprises that can interfere with implant success. Now, technology and teamwork between CBCT and CAD/CAM makes implants an even smoother experience.

CAD/CAM can be utilized in many ways, from digital impression scanning to milling of surgical guides and restorations. Blending the information from the 3D scans with CAD/CAM can make the implant planning process quicker and more comprehensive. Integrating information from i-CAT with E4D Compass Software helps dentists to design the ideal restorative plan and for ideal implant positioning.

Cone Beam educationDr. Michael Wing, speaker at the 5th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging, tells of his success with 3D and CAD/CAM. “I can do a guided implant placement, place am abutment, mill the crown, and actually place the crown in the same day. 3D is such a predictable treatment planning situation. You can predict what kind of abutment you are going to use, and be able to carry the case forward with CAD/CAM after you place the implant.” His session, entitled, “Cone Beam and CAD/CAM for the General Dentist,” illustrates how to make the most of 3D data, resulting in a safer and more precise implant experience.

At the Congress, Dr. Wing will be joined by many other experienced speakers who have hands-on experience with 3D imaging. Network with colleagues from all over the world and learn more about the latest techniques, related software and products from leading technology experts.

Check out this and other lecture topics by clicking here.  

But DON’T WAIT, the Congress is in just 10 days!

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Uncle Sam’s Holiday Present – Section 179 Tax Savings Program

Gone shopping lately? The stores are filled with Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving tablecloths (don’t forget the Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers) for Thanksgiving, and even Christmas and Hanukkah decorations! At this time of year, the holiday celebrations seem to fly by.

IRS Section 179 Deduction: i-CAT 3D CBCT ImagingWhile you’re trying to remember all of the details to make the end of the year successful, it’s never too early to start thinking about investing in new technology and taking advantage of the Section 179 of the IRS tax code tax deduction that allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment from your gross income.

For 2011, the deduction limit is $500,000, for new and used equipment, including new software purchased or financed during the tax year—that’s up from $250,000 last time! The incentive was created by the U.S. Government to encourage businesses to buy equipment. Think of it as a boost for your practice to become more successful. Don’t let the time fly by because to take advantage of this deduction, the equipment needs to be in service by December 31, 2011. What better time to add a new dimension to your practice with an i-CAT Next Generation or i-CAT Precise? That’s a nice holiday season present from Uncle Sam himself. As we start to fill our shopping carts with pumpkins, turkey and tinsel, consider an investment that is never out of season–and is going to improve your practice potential all year round—3D technology, powered by i-CAT.

With all of the changes occurring in the federal government now, it makes sense to take advantage of a tax benefit to buy equipment that enhances the practice, quality of care, and the staff and the patient experience. Those who wait risk paying more of their hard-earned money to the IRS.

Happy Holidays (all of them) from i-CAT, and together with the 179 deduction, let’s make ‘economic recovery’ a part of your own financial success!

Want to calculate your savings? Check out Henry Schein Dental’s Section 179 calculation flyer.

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E4D Compass™ Combines Intraoral Scanning with i-CAT & i-CAT Precise 3-D Imaging for True Restoratively Directed Implant Therapy

i-CAT 3D Cone Beam plus E4D Compass CAD CAM - complete implant solution D4D Technologies, an award-winning manufacturer of dental CAD CAM systems, announced the introduction of its new implant planning solution, E4D Compass, which integrates 3-D data from i-CAT® systems with E4D scan data to provide dental professionals a comprehensive and interactive view of the complete oral environment prior to implant placement.

Leading the way with restorative-based implant therapy, E4D Compass can aid in the design of the ideal restorative plan and then on the same system import DICOM data from i-CAT® cone beam systems to reveal the underlying 3-D structures for ideal implant positioning.

“The ability to do this at the chair is great for patient education and treatment plan acceptance, since it demonstrates the individual patient’s real data instead of using stock images or demonstration models. said Dr. Gary Severance, VP of Marketing and Clinical Affairs for D4D Technologies.

“It is exciting to work with the E4D Dentist System to combine two incredible technologies into one powerful solution. By combining the surface data from E4D with the underlying anatomy from the cone beam 3-D scan, doctors now have access to the full picture for complete implant and restorative treatment planning. One of the best aspects of the E4D Compass system is how easy it is to use and the fact that the entire plan can be created chairside with the patient in a matter of minutes,” said Mark Hillebrandt, Director of Marketing at Imaging Sciences International.

E4D Compass is available exclusively through Henry Schein Dental and is compatible with E4D Dentist systems running DentaLogic 2.0 and i-CAT and i-CAT Precise.

Check out the new E4D Compass integration LIVE at the American Dental Association Annual Session this week in the Henry Schein Booth #1026!

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