Windows XP Support

Please click here to schedule your Windows XP secure solution update. For more details around the update, please refer to the FAQ below.
Team i-CAT.


April 1, 2015

Dear Valued i-CAT owner,


    As you may already be aware, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP operating system on April 8th, 2014. For the last one year, i-CAT has been in an agreement with Microsoft to extend support for Windows XP and has been receiving and distributing security updates. 

    The security of your system is of utmost importance to us at i-CAT. We are now ready to launch our XP secure solution for i-CAT customers that will provide protection for your i-CAT computer against unauthorized access. Post installation, this solution will not interfere with your current i-CAT workflow and will be another tool to help you operate in a secure environment. Please refer to the FAQ below for further details about the solution. The solution will be available for install starting April 15th, 2015.

At i-CAT, we deeply value our customers and are committed to providing the highest level of service and support simply because our customers deserve nothing but the best.

Thank you for being a valued member of the i-CAT family.


i-CAT Team


Windows XP Secure Solution

The security of your system is important to us at i-CAT. We are preparing to deploy an update to our installed base that will secure the i-CAT PC from external threats. This will leave your system even more protected than it is today. 

·       What is our secure i-CAT solution?

The general concept behind our solution is that instead of attempting to block malicious files and activity, our update will only permit known good files. Essentially, this flips the current antivirus model from a ‘default allow’ to a ‘default deny’ for all executable files. This is accomplished by creating a list of known or approved files and only allowing those approved files to execute.

·       With the current security, a Microsoft operating system prevents known malicious applications from running.  It will patch after the fact, which may be  too late.

·       This is due to the fact that  Microsoft requires time to identify and respond to new, unanticipated threats.

·       Our new secure solution will prevent all malicious threats on the spot. The threats that are known today will not run.  A new threat that someone invents tomorrow will not run either.  Executable files that we have not specifically given permission to will not run on your machine.


·       Will I have to pay to have this upgrade done?

At i-CAT we value our customers and are committed to supporting them. Hence, this upgrade will be made available free of charge for our customers.

·       How do I get the update?

Go to the i-CAT website to enroll for your free upgrade.

I-CAT Technical support will then contact you to schedule an appointment to update your system


∙      Will XP still reside on my PC?

Yes, but it will be operating in a secure locked-down state where only appropriate applications will be allowed to run. Unapproved applications installed on the i-CAT PC will no longer run after the update.

∙     Do you have validation that this is an approved solution?

Our solution provider has deployed this solution to many organizations and have validated that not only has this solution protected their system, but it has provided them with valuable information on potential threats. Please refer to the i-CAT website for more details.

∙      The i-CAT is connected to the internet, how can it be protected?

If any malicious application tries to run, no matter how it gets to the system, it won’t be allowed through our locked-down system. Our solution operates on a “default deny” system. It will not allow any unapproved applications to run.

∙      How soon will this be rolled out?

The solution is being tested and validated and will be rolling out within the next several weeks. The i-CAT website will be updated with further details in the next few weeks.

∙      Who will do the update?

Our i-CAT Technical Support team will support the update.

∙      What ISI products will this cover?

i-CAT Classic, i-CAT 17-19, i-CAT Precise, Gendex GXCB-500, Gendex GXCB-500 HD, KaVo 3D eXam, and KaVo 3D eXam i.

∙       Will I be able to upgrade my other PC’s in the office?

Our testing of the solution is limited to the i-CAT PC.

∙       Will I be able to use the PC for other applications?

   The security of our solution is based on only allowing applications essential to the operation of the i-CAT to run. Therefore, other applications will not be allowed to run on the i-CAT PC.

∙     Will I have to be under a maintenance contract to obtain support?

 A maintenance contract is not required to get the secure update, however, a maintenance contract is recommended so that i-CAT can provide you with the best support.