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Recorded Webinars


Tx STUDIO for Beginners 

This course covers the basic tools and functions for getting started in Tx STUDIO, including opening datasets, basic image processing tools, and creation of images and 3-D renderings.


Image Export Using Tx STUDIO

This tutorial will show you how to use the Gallery Tab to store and retrieve images for export and how to import additional images.


Installing Tx STUDIO Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to install our Tx STUDIO software along with activation of the software.


Creating Viewing Sequences and 3D Videos with Tx STUDIO

This tutorial will help you learn how to create a viewing sequence and create 3D videos using the tools found in Tx STUDIO.


Tx STUDIO 3D Analysis Cephalometric Tracing Tutorial

This tutorial will cover the basic tools and functions for getting started with Tx STUDIO 3D Cephalometric Tracing with a focus on Customizing tracing tasks, Creating landmarks and drawing profiles, Recording new view states,  turning on/off landmarks/measurements/reference lines and planes,  Saving, printing, and emailing your completed analysis.



Implant Planning and Placement with Tx STUDIO

 This tutorial will cover the basic tools and functions of Tx STUDIO, including implant planning as well as the implant planning specific features for virtual placement of implants within a 3-D volumetric data set.



Tracing the Inferior Alevolar Nerve with Tx STUDIO

This video will help you understand the automatic nerve tool and manual nerve tool found in the software that will help you trace out the mandibular nerve.



Tx STUDIO Super Pano Tutorial

This tutorial offers instruction on manually creating a 2D panoramic view from a CBCT data set and the subsequent use of imaging enhancement features to render the pan into a 3D volumetric image that can be manipulated greater detail.



Exporting DICOM and a Tx STUDIO Viewer to CD

This tutorial explains how to transfer CBCT scans (as well as a viewer, if desired) to a CD.



Invivo for Implant Planning

Many of our customers utilize the Anatomage Invivo software system and this course will cover tools associated with Implant Planning including marking of the nerve canal and placing of virtual implants in the Implant Tab.



Scanning Protocols & Patient Positioning:Acquiring the Best 3-D Scan

This webinar will review criteria for selecting scan protocols/options and proper patient positioning to achieve optimal results for 3-D scans as well as i-PAN images.



Advanced Invivo

This webinar will focus on advanced features within the Invivo Software such as creation of video clips, superimposition of datasets, stitching of datasets, 3-D modeling and MD Studio. It is recommended that the attendee has already completed or viewed the Invivo for Beginners webinar.



Successful Reimbursement Strategies for CBCT

This program will highlight necessary steps to ensure successful reimbursement through medical / dental insurance carriers as well as explore coding concepts within the medical realm.



Invivo for Orthodontics

This webinar will focus on all aspects of the Invivo Software features related to Orthodontic planning, including constructing Panoramics, Cephalometrics, TMJ views and 3-D Ceph Analysis. It is recommended that the attendee has already completed or viewed the Invivo for Beginners webinar.



i-CATVision™ for Implant Planning

This webinar session will review the use of the basic tools and functions in the Implant and other Screens for optimal Implant Planning in i-CATVision software, including nerve canal estimation.



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