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Praised by owners, esteemed educational organizations and the dental community at large, i-CAT technology is widely regarded as the cone beam industry standard. Voted Best Cone Beam CT Scanner six years in a row.

Here you'll find articles and reviews on Cone Beam 3D imaging and the benefits of i-CAT.

Articles authored by dental professionals posted on this page represent the views of that particular author and may or may not reflect the views of i-CAT. In some cases, authors may be compensated for their time an effort.



Reconstruction of resected jaw assisted by 3D technologies

Dr. Ronald Delmanto required creative treatment planning for a patient after jaw resection. See the full case here. 

October-Novermber 2015 Implant Practice


Going the extra mile in marketing

i-CAT owner Dr. Bryan Bauer speaks to marketing the modern dental practice

October 2015 Dentaltown


Let your technologies speak for your practice

Read why Dr. Guy Gross says that technology, including his i-CAT, is for more than great patient care.

October 2015 Dental Economics


i-CAT Debuts a new release of treatment planning software 

Learn what's new for Tx STUDIO software

August 2015 Dental Products Report

Patient Perspective

One i-CAT patient and her mom share their experiences with Editor Stan Goff.

July 2015 Dental Products Report


Practice-Changing Imaging in 3D

Dr. Klauer speaks to the business of dentistry involving 3D CBCT technology

Summer 2015 Sidekick

2015 "Best of Class" Technology Award winners announced

Pride Institute names Best of Class Technology Award honorees for leaders in technology innovation—i-CAT FLX wins for the third time!

June 2015 Dental Products Report


The More We See, The More We Know

Dr. Quintero offers a dramatic case involving impacted canines.

May 2015 Orthotown

Test you dental implant IQ

Dr. Moody comments on the use of CBCT for implants.

May 2015  Dental Products Report

Technology That Can Change Lives

Dr. Kaspers relays a case where i-CAT imaging helped him uncover a condition that could have led to life-threatening issues.

April 2015 Sidekick


i-CAT partners with the Milo Foundation Animal Sanctuary to save canines at the recent AAO meeting

DPR covers the i-CAT activities at the AAO

April 2015 Dental Products Report

Patient perspective: 'To be able to take a breath, it just felt so good.'

Hear from a patient who benefited from his dentist’s use of i-CAT 3D imaging.

March 2015 Dental Products Report

Airway Assessment Techniques 

Dr. JC Quintero describes how he assesses airway with his i-CAT system

March 2015 Dentistry Today

Insurance for 3D Imaging and more  

Coding expert Christine Taxin shares valuable information on billing insurance

March 2015 Dental Products Report


3D Imaging for GPs  

Dr. Klauer shares his thoughts on the early adoption of i-CAT technology

March 2015 Dental Product Shopper


3D Imaging for Implants

i-CAT owners Drs. Misch and Resnik author a CE implant article 

January 2015 Dentistry Today

3D Imaging for Airway

Dr. Tilson discusses how he diagnosed and treatment planned a patient's airway condition using i-CAT technology

January 2015 Sidekick

3D Imaging for Pediatrics

3D imaging helps screen and treat patients as young as six years old.

Dec 2014 Dental Sleep Practice

CBCT and 3D Imaging Goals for Orthodontic Patients

Dr. Duane Grummons discusses how CBCT equips the orthodontist to diagnose conditions.

Nov/Dec 2014 Orthodontic Practice


Reviewing CBCT Images

An introduction to reviewing and interpreting CBCT images by Dr. Andrew Trosien.

Nov/Dec 2014 Orthodontic Practice

Digital Imaging

A Question and Answer with Dr. Howerton and Dr. Guttenberg on the future of digital radiography.

11/2014 Dental Products Report

CBCT for Airway-a Leap in Technology

Learn how the i-CAT system helps Dr. Thomas F. Tilson treat patients with airway problems or sleep apnea.

11/2014 Dental Products Report


3D imaging for Better Patient Care

A question & answer with Christine Taxin on how 3D imaging provides a better option for patient care.

10/2014 Dental Products Report


3D imaging is More Accurate

Dr. Yan Razdolsky explains how 3D technology gives more options and more accurate results.

09/2014 Orthotown


Synergy with i-CAT in the Multispecialty Practice

Read how the i-CAT FLX helps Dr. Anthony Lavacca in his multi-speciality office.

Autumn 2014 Sidekick



Precise details with the i-CAT FLX is favorable for image quality.

08/2014 Implant Tribune



Cone beam 3D scans by i-CAT FLX have changed the way that Dr. Anthony LaVacca diagnoses, treats, and educates his patients. Find out how.

08/2014 Dental Products Report

CBCT – not so incidental findings

Dr. Randolph Resnik finds that 3D cone beam imaging shows incidental findings that become integral in the planning of a successful course of treatment.

06/2014 Implant Practice US 

Lower-Dose 3D Scans with i-CAT FLX

Dr. Sean Carlson discusses how Cone Beam 3D scanning is being integrated into the imaging protocol of orthodontists.

05/2014 Sidekick

Thoughts on i-CAT Technology

Read Dr. Graham's "Quick and Dirty List" on why he chose the i-CAT FLX.

04/2014 The Progressive Orthodontist


Beyond Paperless: Innovative, inexpensive, and indispensable technologies for today's orthodontic practice

Dr. Aaron Molen talks about keeping up with the status quo of being paperless in your orthodontic practice.

04/2014 Orthodontic Products


Orthodontic Strategies for Sleep Apnea

A team of orthodontists has developed a strategy to effectively implement treatment of obstructive sleep apnea into a practice and improve patients' lives. 

04/2014 Orthodontic Products


3D CBCT- Data with More Details and Less Radiation

Dr. Yan Razdolsky discusses the immense benefits of having a CBCT machine in his orthodontic practice, which is getting more detailed data with less radiation does.

04/2014 Orthotown


New Study Notes Significant Radiation Dose Reductions From i-CAT FLX

A recently published study regarding CBCT scans and radiation dose by Drs. John Ludlow and Cameron Walker reports encouraging news for i-CAT FLX cone-beam 3-D imaging

02/2014 today (Chicago Midwinter Show Daily)


Orthotown Townie Choice Awards

It’s the first-ever Orthotown Townie Choice Awards results issue! Orthodontists from all over the world were asked what products and services they use in their practice and i-CAT won in the category X-Ray Equipment: Cone Beam CT Scanner!

02/2014 Orthotown


International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging

cone beam international magazine reviews the International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging event that took place in Boston. The event informed, inspired, and educated dentists on the benefits of 3D cone beam imaging for the modern-day practice.

01/2014 cone beam international


New Study May Change the Face of Orthodontics

Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero discusses how 3D imaging is evolving with more applications and lower radiation.

01/2014 Orthodontic Practice


CBCT and Implants: The New Era in Treatment Planning and Diagnosis

Dr. Randolph Resnik discusses the benefits of 3D imaging in a modern implant practice.

10/2013 Implant Practice


The Outstanding Financial and Clinical ROI from i-CAT

Dr. Guy Gross writes, "I look at my investment in i-CAT 3D imaging as a step toward providing world-class dentistry in my practice."

09/2013 Sidekick


Orthodontic Practice US congratulates the 18 winners of Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Awards

Imaging Sciences’ i-CAT FLX is among the winners of Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Awards.

08/2013 Orthodontic Practice


Tech-savvy patients appreciate i-CAT FLX technology

“Many patients are interested to discover if the clinician is using technology that will lead to a more exact diagnosis and effective treatment plan,” writes the Dental Tribune Daily.

08/2013 Dental Tribune Daily


Townie Choice Awards/Product Showcase

Orthotown highlights the Award-winning i-CAT Technology – Powerful Tools for the Orthodontic Practice.

07/2013 Orthotown


The Latest Technologies Advancing Ortho Care

Orthotown highlights the latest technologies advancing ortho care featuring i-CAT FLX.

06/2013 Orthotown


A Growing Family - Two Winning Announcements from i-CAT

Sidekick highlights the features of the i-CAT FLX, the latest high technology tool for patient comfort and image quality.

06/2013 Sidekick


AAO brings it to Philly

Pictures from the American Association of Orthodontists meeting.

06/2013 Ortho Tribune


Scenes from ICOI Spring Symposium

Pictures from the latest ICOI convention, including i-CAT sales representative Eric Townsend with the i-CAT FLX.

06/2013 Implant Tribune



This latest advancement of the i-CAT’s award-winning technology offers a range of innovative features that deliver increased clarity, ease-of use, and control.

04/2013 Equipment & Technology Buyers’ Guide

Leap the Last 3D Hurdle

Dental Products Report gives a brief synopsis of the overall product features as well as a focus on one of the most exciting developments i-CAT® FLX represents.

04/2013 Dental Products Report


i-CAT® FLX — The Latest Advancement in Cone Beam 3D

Orthodontic Practice’s Product Profile highlights the i-CAT FLX, which has greater flexibility in scanning, planning, and treatment, and offers 3D imaging at a dose lower than a 2D Panoramic.

03/2013 Orthodontic Practice


Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero - Aligned with Excellence

Dr. Quintero describes his orthodontic practice, accomplishments, and how his team has an unparalleled commitment to excellence and constant improvement.

03/2012 Orthodontic Practice


A Protocol for Creating Images from CBVI for the Practicing Orthodontist, Part I

Dr. Dan German writes about CBCT in the orthodontic practice and how crucial it is to the diagnosis and treatment of his patients.

03/2013 Orthotown


New CBCT Products Address Scatter, Dosage Issues

Two cone-beam CT (CBCT) products from i-CAT and GENDEX introduced at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting are addressing two critical issues in CBCT imaging: radiation reduction and image optimization.

03/2013 Dr. Bicuspid


The ‘Art of Imaging’ Lights Up the Night

DEXIS, i-CAT and Henry Schein Dental hosted “The Art of Imaging” at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting where they debut DEXIS® Imaging Suite, DEXIS go® iPad® app and the i-CAT® FLX.

02/2012 Dental Tribune Daily


DEXIS, i-CAT Showcase the ‘Art of Imaging’

DEXIS and i-CAT debut DEXIS® Imaging Suite, DEXIS go® iPad® app and the i-CAT® FLX at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

02/2012 Dental Tribune Daily


Imaging Sciences International Debuts the i-CAT FLX

The cone-beam 3D system, i-CAT FLX, optimizes clinical control, ease of use and fast workflow.

02/2012 Ortho Tribune Daily


10 Great New Dental Products I Saw at the 2013 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Kevin Henry, Managing Editor, Dental Economics, discusses 10 great dental products that grabbed his attention at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, including the i-CAT FLX.

02/2013 Dentistry iQ


Exclusive Tx STUDIO™ Software for i-CAT® Debuts New Version

Dentists will now discover even more treatment planning possibilities with the latest version of Tx STUDIO™ 3D software for i-CAT systems.

01/2013 HSD Sidekick


Dr. Markzar, Beverly Hills Dental Implants Dentist, Uses i-CAT Technology to Create Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Dr. Markzar is proud to announce that he uses i-CAT Technology to help create custom treatment plans for patients.

01/2013 NASDAQ OMX


Six Year Townie Choice Winner

i-CAT voted as the Best X-Ray Equipment: Conebeam CT Scanner.

12/2012 Dentaltown


Information and Inspiration on 3D Imaging

Dr. Steven A. Guttenberg sums up the many valuable aspects of i-CAT® scans and Tx STUDIO™ throughout the implant process.

11/2012 Implant Practice


Congress on 3D Imaging Features New Opportunities for Diagnosis, Implementation

i-CAT hosts the 6th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging, where doctors learn a range of topics relating to 3D and how essential it is to the dental industry today.

11/2012 Implant Tribune


CBCT in the Mixed Dentition: A Crystal Ball

Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero explores the optimal management of common developmental problems in the mixed dentition.

10/2012 Orthodontic Practice


Adding Balance to a Child's Life

Dr. Bradford Edgrene discusses how CBCT was crucial to diagnosing and treating a patient with a “crooked smile.”

09/2012 Orthotown


Six Reasons for Choosing an i-CAT

Sidekick identifies the top reasons for choosing an i-CAT — the many implant and orthodontic uses, TMJ, airway and sleep study uses, compatibility with other software applications, low radiation exposure, and the fact that “i-CAT” is a name you can trust. 

09/2012 HSD Sidekick


Advancing 3D Orthodontic Treatments

To mark the 20th anniversary of Imaging Sciences serving the 3D dental industry, the i-CAT team graces the cover of this issue of orthotown magazine. Read the discussion with the editor on the benefits of 3D imaging and how Imaging Sciences stays at the top of the industry for 20 years and beyond.

09/2012 Orthotown


Imaging Sciences International Talks i-CAT Cone Beam 3D Imaging Systems

Imaging Sciences International discusses its 20 year anniversary in digital imaging systems.

08/2012 Dental Products Report


Digital Imaging Rocks the Rocky Mountains

Dr. Justin Moody discusses  the benefits of using CBCT over “traditional x-ray “machines. He states, “In my implant centers, having the right software to plan as precisely as possible prior to these procedures makes a difference.”

08/2012 HSD Sidekick 


Understanding CBCT Dosimetry

Dr. Sean K. Carlson presents the facts about radiation exposure as it relates to CBCT scans and everyday living.

07/2012 Orthodontic Practice


10 Questions

“We listen and respond to what dentists need to preform dentistry more confidently, precisely, and efficiently” says Mark Hillebrandt, the Business Unit Director of Imaging Sciences International (i-CAT), as he answers questions with the editors at Dental Product Report about what is next in Digital Dentistry and i-CAT.

05/2012 Dental Products Report


Designing Your New Office: Using CBCT to Enhance Your Practice's Image

Dr. Mark Tholen states that a person can assess an environment within 30 seconds; therefore, your office should be modern and include the latest technology, such as CBCT. 

04/2012 HSD Sidekick


A World With A New Dimension

Dr. Martin F. Van Vliet discusses the benefits of CBCT and how it has changed the way he evaluates and treats his orthodontic patients.

04/2012 HDS Sidekick


Cone Beam's Role in the Rising Demand for Implants

Over the next five years, it is estimated that dental implants will grow by 9%, and with that the need for CBCT which provides precise details for accurate implant diagnosis and treatment planning.

01/2012 cone beam CE


The Wisdom of Using CBCT With Hidden Molars

Dr. Jeff Sessions discusses a patient with a third molar that was interfering with eruption, which was only visible through 3D scans captured on his i-CAT.

12/2011 Orthotown


The 5th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging

An exciting overview of the International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging, a forum for leaders in dental education to share their experience and expertise with all attendees.

10/2011 Orthotown


Precision in 3D

Dr. Justin Moody talks about the benefits of using detailed data from cone beam 3D imaging to better diagnosis his patients.

10/2011 Dentaltown


Unlocking Airway, TMJ and Growth With CBCT as the Key

Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero finds answers to his patient's snoring, mouth breathing, teeth grinding, and sinus infections through the help of CBCT.

09/2011 Orthotown


"Precise-ly" What Dental Practices Need

Imaging Sciences has a reputation for knowing precisely what dentists need to improve clinical control and workflow.

09/2011 HDS Sidekick


Education, Not Just Educated Guesses

Dr. Justin Moody discusses that knowing how to efficiently use the technological advantages available today is key to building momentum in a practice.

08/2011 Dental Economics


Imaging Sciences International

A corporate profile on Imaging Sciences highlights the company's accomplishments, such as being a global leader, excellence in service and education, setting the industry standard, and dedication to advancing dental treatment.

08/2011 Dental Products Report


Do It Once and Do It Right

Dr. Justin Moody shares his insights about how 3D imaging technology helps with the placement of implants and orthodontic planning, making results for him and his orthodontic colleague even more predictable.

06/2011 Dental Economics


Implant Placement Aided by CBCT

Dr. John Russo illustrates how CBCT facilitated decisions for bone grafting and implant placement.

06/2011 Implant Practice


A Slice of Everyday Life

Dr. Jim L. Caskey, Orthodontist talks about the every day benefits of Cone Beam CT and i-CAT.

06/2011 HSD Sidekick


Advances in Orthodontic Technology Make for Faster, More Comfortable Treatment

Dr. John Graham notes that CBCT provides a clearer picture of anatomy while exposing the patient to much less radiation than even a full series of dental X-rays.

06/2011 DentistryiQ


The Light in the Attic

Dr. Quintero illustrates how a potentially disastrous scenario was averted and orthodontic treatment was completed more safely and predictably with i-CAT 3D imaging.

05/2011 Ortho Tribune


Technology and the Esthetic Outcome for Implants

CBCT imaging allows Dr. Justin Moody to more precisely create the ideal underlying structure for implants while fulfilling his responsibilty for ALARA.

03/2011 Dental Economics


Cone Beam Scans Detect Dental Anomalies Before Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Appel recounts how his i-CAT scan had life-altering results for a 12-year old boy with a partially erupted upper left premolar.

01/2011 Orthodontic Practice


Small Town, Big Technology

Dr. Justin Moody discusses how 3D technology has improved his standard of care for implant cases and has become a valuable tool in this orthodontic colleague's treatment planning.

01/2011 Dental Economics


i-CAT Impressive Flexibility in Imaging

The i-CAT offers many options in CBCT scans--in size, time, dimension, viewing options, and emitted radiation dose settings--to help dentists approach innovative procedures with confidence.

Q1/2011 HSD Sidekick


Staking Your Claim for CBCT Scans

Dr. Terry Myers interviews certified professional insurance coder, Kim Innocent to discover how proper coding for reimbursement will make 3D imaging and the best care possible available to more patients.

10/2010 Dental Economics


CBCT - A Clear Perspective on Implant Options

Dr. Joel Rosenlicht shows how his i-CAT provides better visualization, a clearer perspective on his options, and the ability to achieve desired results more easily and less stressfully.

Q4/2010 HSD Sidekick


CBCT- Assisted Treatment of the Failing Long-Span Bridge with Staged and Immediate Load Implant Restoration

Dr. Scott Ganz explains why he recommends an assessment with 3D radiography to properly assess the patient's anatomy and to make educated decisions regarding treatment.

10/2010 Dentaltown


i-CAT System-the Leader in Image Flexibility

The i-CAT, with its capability for both 2D and 3D imaging, combines function and flexibility to improve workflow and diagnostics for a wide variety of procedures.

10/2010 Dentalaegis


Complete Imaging Solution for the Orthodontic Practice

For orthodontists, 3-D imaging with i-CAT delivers accurate information, faster planning, and more predictable treatment results.

09/2010 Orthotown


CBCT and Implants: A Career-Altering Experience

Dr. Steven Guttenberg discusses the "career altering" details of his investment in an i-CAT for complete evaluation of dental implant sites.

09/2010 Dental Tribune


Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and the Orthosurgical Management of Impacted Teeth

The authors describe the benefits of using CBCT to obtain detailed information such as distinguishing and defining the extent and depth of root resorption, and delineating the orientation of unerupted and root apex location.

09/2010 Jada


Practical Applications of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in Orthodontics

This article focuses on practical applications of CBCT that emphasize its importance in comprehensive orthodontic care such as dental development, limits of tooth movement, airway assessment, craniofacial morphology and superimposition.

09/2010 Jada


The Role of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in the Planning and Placement of Implants

The article discusses virtual treatment planning using CBCT data, its accuracy for planning, improved coordination and communication of a multidisciplinary team, capabilites to offer multiple treatment scenarios, and ability to create surgical guides for optimum treatment.

09/2010 Jada


Operational Principles for Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Dr. David C. Hatcher explores CBCT imaging protocols, image quality, and radiation dosage to answer clinical questions while maintaining an acceptable radiation dose and cost.

09/2010 Jada


Three-Dimensional Imaging Touches All Aspects of Dentistry

Drs. Steven Guttenberg and John Flucke discuss how CBCT technology is redefining dental outcomes in implants, bone grafting, oral surgery, orthodontics, and endodontics.

09/2010 Dental Town


Imaging Sciences International

Implant Practice writes a corporate profile on Imaging Sciences International - a company of innovation, quality, service and leadership in 3D dental imaging.

07/2010 Implant Practice


3D Imaging - The Inside View

A guest editorial by Dr. Steven Guttenberg points to the use of preoperative 3D radiography as a valuable source of information for planning and implementation of more precise implant procedures.

05/2010 Implant Practice