Airway Analysis

Using the i-CAT FLX V10 or V17, clinicians can evaluate airway obstructions to help identify patients with an increased risk of a possible sleep disorder.

For patients with suspect airway or sinus tissues, you can use Tx STUDIO software to review the 3D data and to reveal restricted airways and determine appropriate treatments with precise anatomical views and measurements. Assess airway volume-at-a-glance using color-coded constriction values. Quickly trace airway on-screen to perform automatic calculations and measurements of paranasal sinuses to evaluate treatment options. i-CAT is FDA cleared to provide sufficient and appropriate data from 3D volumes of the maxillofacial anatomical structures, including the airway, to aid in the treatment planning of patients with OSA.

In my business, I have to figure out why people hurt and don’t breathe. Since orthopedic disorders of the TMJs and facial pain are often the result of breathing disorders, volumetric evaluation and the nasal, nasopharyngeal, velopharynx and hypo pharynx are absolute. My i-CAT reliability gives me this vital information with the lowest radiation dose possible. In fact, the i-CAT FLX does it so much easier with a fraction of the radiation.

—Steven R. Olmos, DDS

Founder, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International, LLC
La Mesa, CA