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i-CAT Tutorials

Positioning for CBCT 3D Scans

2D Panoramic Positioning

SmartScan STUDIO Training

Tx STUDIO Tutorials

Tx STUDIO 5.4 New Features

Exporting Images in Tx STUDIO

Exporting DICOM and Tx STUDIO Viewer to CD

Creating Viewing Sequences

STL Model Import and Registration to a CBCT Scan

Implant Planning and Placement

Implant Restoration Planning and Placement

Tracing the Inferior Alveolar Nerve

Navigating Super Pano

Airway Analysis

3D Analysis Cephalometric Tracing

Tx STUDIO for Beginners Tutorial

Tx STUDIO Software Installation Tutorial

Tx STUDIO 5.4 File Saving Options

How to use TxSTUDIO to save workups in a variety of ways

Quick Reference Guides

Guide to replacing Anatomage banner with banner of your chose.

Guide to sharing your CBCT scans through email.

Guide to schedule a patient within SmartScan STUDIO and positioning for a panoramic.

Guide to schedule a patient scheduling & positioning for a CBCT Scan.

Guide to wrap a common digital photograph over the soft tissue face of a scan volume.

Guide to using superimposition view tab to open two different data sets acquired at different times at once, view them side by side, and overlay them onto one another.

Guide to restoration View Tab for advanced tools that bridges the gap between implantology and restoration crown design.

Guide how to configure Tx STUDIO’s File Manager settings and includes a discussion of the various save functions.

Guide to use gallery view tab to save & export images through Tx STUDIO.

Guide to updating the implant library within Tx STUDIO 5.4

Guide to sharing scan data from a Tx STUDIO user to a non-Tx STUDIO user with sharable media, like a CD or USB flash drive.

Weekly Calibration of the i-CAT FLX V-Series

Guide to weekly panel calibration and shutter calibration

A brief descriptin of 3D imaging - what is is and how it compares to 2D radiography

Required Calibrations for all CBCT Devices

Daily tests that are required by the State of New Jersey and New York City

Choosing the Best Scan Option

How to select the best CBCT scan protocols to produce the desired diagnostic results

i-CAT FLX Radiation Dose Chart

Radiation dosage for various settings using the i-CAT FLX CBCT scanner

Tx STUDIO’s SuperPano

How to use Tx STUDIO to create the best 2D panormaic from a 3D scan

Using Tx STUDIOs Restoration view tab to get a clearer picture of a restoration's size and position

Creating a 2D Ceph & Printing it Life Size

Extracting a 2D ceph from a 3D scan and printing it life-size

Importing TxSTUDIO Images into DEXIS  Imaging Suite

Moving Tx STUDIO images to DEXIS imaging software.

How to use Tx STUDIO to save workups in a variety of ways

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