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The V8 represents your gateway into the world of industry-leading 3D CBCT imaging at an affordable price. With 8cm x 5cm and 8cm x 8cm FOVs, clinicians are able to capture specific areas of the anatomy instead of the entire oral-maxillofacial complex accomplished in one scan. Should the need arise for more coverage of the anatomy, upgrade to the V10 is simple. All V-Series systems use the same capture process, and the scan is viewed within the same 3D software.


Single Implant • General Practice • Endodontics

  • Low-Dose Options

    i-CAT QuickScan and QuickScan+ protocols allow you to take complete 3D images at a radiation dose comparable to a 2D panoramic image*. The flexibility in scalable scan sizes further allows you to limit the dose to the patient.

  • Traditional 2D panoramics

    Your “2-in-1” i-CAT FLX V-Series takes a traditional 2D pan using the same high quality sensor that is used to acquire 3D scans. Using your system to capture BOTH 2D and 3D imaging assists you with your ALARA goals and helps you transition to 3D imaging at your own pace.

  • No Offset Scanning

    i-CAT FLX V-Series’ full-beam scanning, or PureScan™, maximizes the use of its large sensor compared to others’ smaller sensors that must be offset which leads to a sacrifice in image quality and anatomical accuracy.