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Tx STUDIO is an integral part of the fast i-CAT workflow and provides the power of multiple software systems combined into one simple-to-use solution. From implants to orthodontics to airway, this comprehensive software offers a wide array of tools that help you plan simple or advanced cases efficiently. These treatment plans can then be shared with patients and colleagues within vivid 3D images.

The feature-rich Tx STUDIO treatment planning software offer the fastest 3D workflow, integration with additional 3rd party planning programs, CAD/CAM integration capabilities, and a host of optional modules.


High-Level Integration

In addition to i-CAT’s flexibility, you are free to choose from a wide variety of third party programs and technologies to help accomplish tasks such as CAD/CAM for digital models, restorations, robotic archwires, and more.

  • Airway Analysis

    Automatically compute the total airway volume, and view segmented areas of constriction, including the minimum cross-sectional area (MCA). A constricted airway could put the patient at risk of having a possible sleep disorder. Also scan patients wearing their oral appliance to see the impact of the device on a patient’s airway volume

  • Implant Planning

    Measure bone density and plan implants, abutments, and restorations simultaneously within a 3D volume or a panoramic view. Avoid potential surgical complications by checking for root entanglement prior to extractions with automatic nerve canal tracing.

  • STL File Export

    Simply export STL files from Tx STUDIO software so your lab can create the final restoration based on your exact design.These files also work with a wide variety of CAD/CAM and 3D printing systems.

  • Surgical Guides

    Expand implant-planning capabilities with a fast scan workflow and unique open software architecture, which make i-CAT universally compatible with all leading surgical guide providers. Perform treatments with more confidence and efficiency — and fewer complications — with surgical guides ordered directly through Tx STUDIO.

  • i-PAN

    Utilize i-PAN traditional 2D panoramic imaging with i-CAT’s two-in-one functionality, viewed in Tx STUDIO software.

  • Face Matching

    Bring your 3D scan data to life by superimposing a digital photograph of your patient on their scan data with face-MATCH™.